ELISION Ensemble: 30 years/ RMIT Gallery (9 September – 22 October 2016)
FREE: ELISION Micro-concerts at RMIT Gallery, 1.00-1.15pm unless indicated

Please note: actual length of performance may vary between 7 and 15 minutes & there is a chance to chat to the performer at the event

Exhibition of ELISION films, scores, photographs, documents with concerts and floor talks as listed below

Curator’s statement, Daryl Buckley

As a group of young music students passionately committed to creating and performing new music, the very first steps towards articulating an ELISION performance practice were taken in the bluestone churches of inner city Melbourne in 1986.  

Since then, ELISION’s work has focused increasingly on pushing physical boundaries in search of certain kinds of visceral expressive experiences, the musical body in extremis being a benchmark of our repertoire. In a digitised world where physical presence is frequently replaced by avatars capable of generating enormously complex effects, ELISION continues to be fascinated by an artisanal and intimately gestural approach to the production of music. Value is placed on the effort of a moment-to-moment working out of things. A choreographic attention to traces between the body and its effects is most keenly visible in the scores on the walls, by composers Aaron Cassidy and Timothy McCormack.

ELISION’s work is driven by the desire to explore long-term co-creative processes of dialogue with composers, in which musicians imagine, develop and build new technical and expressive means. The scores we have commissioned propose new forms of musical thinking and also reflect the energies of ELISION musicians as strong sources of inspiration – this music would simply not have been conceived in this way without these performers. The exhibition documents our particularly close collaborations since our inception with the composers Liza Lim and Richard Barrett as well as our many installation-performance projects with visual and new media artists Domenico de Clario, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook, Heri Dono, Judith Wright, Per Inge Bjørlo, Crow, Volker Maerz and Justine Cooper, theatre directors Barrie Kosky, Michael Kantor and architect Peter Corrigan. 

Lunchtime concerts (C) & talks (T) at RMIT Gallery, 1pm unless indicated (free)

T1. Friday 9 September, 12-12.30, Floor talk, Liza Lim & Daryl Buckley

C1. Saturday 10 September, Séverine Ballon, violoncello  
 Performing: Liza Lim’s Invisibility

C2. Monday 12 September, Séverine Ballon, violoncello  
Performing: Liza Lim's An ocean beyond earth

C3. Tuesday 13 September, Séverine Ballon, violoncello  
Performing: Rebecca Saunders’ solitude

C4. Wednesday 14 September, Séverine Ballon, violoncello  
Performing: Timothy McCormack’s Drift Matter

C5. Thursday 15 September, Tristram Williams, quarter-tone flugelhorn  
Performing: Matthew Sergeant’s [Terrains] (first version)

T2. Tuesday 20 September, 1-1.30, Composer talk, Matthew Sergeant

C6. Wednesday 21 September, 6.30-8pm, The Surface Project, concert of music by Aaron Cassidy, Richard Barrett, Matthew Sergeant & Timothy McCormack, Storey Hall, RMIT (also free)

T3. Thursday 22 September, 1-1.30, Composer talk, Timothy McCormack

C7. Friday 23 September, Marshall McGuire, harp  
Performing: Liza Lim’s Rug Music

C8. Monday 26 September, Satsuki Odamura, koto & voice  
Performing: Liza Lim’s Burning House

C9. Tuesday 27 September, Satsuki Odamura, koto
 Performing: Liza Lim’s Sonorous Body

C10. Wednesday 28 September, Satsuki Odamura, koto & voice   
Performing: Liza Lim’s Burning House (second version)

C11. Thursday 29 September, Peter Neville, crotales
Performing: Evan Johnson’s Hyphen (twice)

 C12. Monday 3 October, Tristram Williams (trumpet) & Ben Marks (trombone) 
Performing: Richard Barrett’s aurora

 C13. Tuesday 4 October, Tristram Williams (trumpet) & Ben Marks (trombone) 
Performing: Evan Johnson apostrophe 1

C14. Wednesday 5 October – 12.20-12.30 pm (earlier start), Ben Marks, trombone  
Performing: Timothy McCormack’s Heavy Matter

C15. Friday 7 October, Marshall McGuire, harp
Performing: Franco Donatoni’s Marches

C16. Monday 10 October, Daryl Buckley (lap-steel guitar) & Tristram Williams (flugelhorn)
Performing: Richard Barrett’s lens

T4. Tuesday 11 October, Daryl Buckley, special floor talk for Seniors Festival
(for Seniors only, morning tea included)

C17. Wednesday 12 October, Rosanne Hunt, violoncello
Performing: Liza Lim’s Spirit Weapons

C18. Monday 17 October, Tristram Williams, flugelhorn  
Performing: Matthew Sergeant’s [Terrains] (second version)

 C19. Tuesday 18 October,  Deborah Kayser, voice  
Performing: Dmitri Kourliandski’s voice-off

T5. Wednesday 19 October, 1-1.30 Reflections: Founding members Daryl Buckley and Peter Neville

C20. Thursday 20 October, Paula Rae, flute
Performing: Brian Ferneyhough's Unity Capsule




RMIT Gallery
Building 16, 344 Swanston Street, City campus, RMIT University, Melbourne

Selection of images
Tulp, the Body Public (2004), John Rodgers, Justine Cooper [photos: Alex Craig]; The Oresteia (1993), Liza Lim, Barrie Kosky [photos: John Gollings]; Opening of the Mouth (1997) Richard Barrett, CROW [photos: Ashley de Prazer]; Moon Spirit Feasting (2000) Liza Lim, Beth Yahp, Michael Kantor [photos: Matt Nettheim]; The Navigator (2008) Liza Lim, Patricia Sykes, Barrie Kosky [photos: Justin Nicholas]; Dark Matter (2003) Richard Barrett, Per Inge Bjørlo [photos: Andrea Higgins]; Lament of Desire (1999) Timothy O'Dwyer, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook [photos: Perth Festival]